Google Merchant Center PRO (Google Shopping)

With Google Merchant Center (Google-Shopping) PRO, manage data export and Google Shopping segmentation in even greater precision than the classic version. Export your product reviews and special offers, set the Google Customer Reviews feature, display a Google Customer Reviews badge with your seller rating on your shop,…


Google Merchant Center PRO (Google Shopping)
Google Merchant Center PRO (Google Shopping)
Google Merchant Center PRO (Google Shopping)
Google Merchant Center PRO (Google Shopping)
Google Merchant Center PRO (Google Shopping)
Google Merchant Center PRO (Google Shopping)
Google Merchant Center PRO (Google Shopping)
Google Merchant Center PRO (Google Shopping)
Google Merchant Center PRO (Google Shopping)
Google Merchant Center PRO (Google Shopping)
Google Merchant Center PRO (Google Shopping)
Google Merchant Center PRO (Google Shopping)
Google Merchant Center PRO (Google Shopping)
Google Merchant Center PRO (Google Shopping)
Google Merchant Center PRO (Google Shopping)

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The professional version of our best-seller, Google Merchant Center (Google shopping): even more control on product data, exports your product reviews and special offers, allows an even more precise segmentation of your Google Shopping campaigns, set the Google Customer Reviews feature,...




With more than a decade of success, the standard version of our Google Merchant Center (Google Shopping) module is by far the most robust and complete Google Shopping module on the market.

This professional version goes even further with exclusive features such as the ability to create precise product exclusion rules, to manage advanced custom labels, or to export your promotions and product reviews(*).


In addition to the multiple possibilities of configuring your feed that the standard version of the module already offers, you will be able to refine the choice of products or product combinations to be exported thanks to the setting up of extremely precise and personalized exclusion rules.

Thanks to the advanced assignation of custom labels, you will also have the ability to segment your product catalog and therefore organize your ads according to the seasonality of your products, their popularity, or the margin you can apply to them. This allows you to control your budget by offering the right products at the right time and optimize your return on investment.

In Shopping ads, the display of stars reflecting the rating of items undoubtedly gives more attractiveness to products.
Google Merchant Center Pro allows you to export your customers' product reviews(*) and to participate in the "Product Ratings" program. The reviews are collected and compiled with reviews of the same products from other sources (including "Google Customer Reviews" - see next paragraph - review aggregators, ...). If conditions are met, the average product rating can then be displayed in your ads and free product listings in the form of one to five stars.

Finally, what better to encourage people to click and buy than a discount voucher featured in your ad? Thanks to our module you can filter and export the promotional codes to attach to your ads.

(*)See conditions in the "Features" section


The PRO version of the Google Merchant Center module integrates the "Google Customer Reviews" feature.

"Google Customer Reviews" is a free service that lets you collect, via Google, your customers' reviews about their shopping experience. If they agree to participate, they receive an email a few days after receiving their order, asking them to rate their experience between 1 and 5 stars and to leave a comment if they wish. Once a certain number of ratings have been collected, through "Google Customer Reviews" and third-party rating partners, Google can include this seller rating in your text ads and free listings. You can also display it on your store, as part of a "Google Customer Reviews" badge.

Through "Google Customer Reviews", Google can also collect your customers' reviews of products ordered from your online store and compile them with those sent through your product review feed, for example (see the "product ratings feed" feature of the module).


The Pro version of Google Merchant Center, allows you to send more information to your customers: They will be alerted of your special offers directly from the shopping search results and will be able to receive even more relevant ads. In addition, they'll be able to find the reviews they've posted about their shopping experience and your products directly on Google.



First of all, this PRO version includes all the features of the standard version of our Google Merchant Center (Google Shopping) module.

You can find them on the product page of the Google Merchant Center (Google Shopping) module.

IN ADDITION to the features of the standard version, the PRO version offers the following features:

Google Customer Reviews

  • Ability to activate the "Google Customer Reviews" feature to contribute to Google's "Seller Ratings" and "Product Ratings" programs
  • You can activate the display of the "Google Customer Reviews" badge on your site pages, along with your average seller rating (please note that a minimum number of ratings must be collected before the average rating is made available by Google)
  • Ability to define the order status(es) for which your customers will see the request to participate in the Google survey displayed on the order confirmation page
  • Ability to indicate directly through the module the information necessary for Google to correctly estimate the date on which to send its review request e-mail

Product ratings feed

Also contribute to the Google "Product Ratings" program by exporting your customers' reviews either from our "Shop Product Reviews" module or PrestaShop's native reviews module (for PrestaShop versions higher than

The Google Merchant Center Pro allows you to exclude certain reviews that contain words that are prohibited by Google.

Promotions feed

Export your promotional codes to Google Shopping, and display a "special offer" mention on the products concerned.

Advanced exclusion rules

Create exclusion rules based on:

  • feature(s)
  • attribute(s)
  • word(s) or sequence(s) of words
  • specific product(s)/product combination(s)

More precise management of shipping costs

For each country:

  • Ability to apply free shipping
  • Ability to apply free shipping if product price exceeds a specific amount
  • Ability not to apply taxes to shipping costs

Advanced tag management

  • Ability to use features to assign values to "adult", "age group" and "gender" tags
  • Management of additional tags:
    • Ability to export the cost price of the products in order to calculate your gross margin directly in your Google Ads account
    • Ability to apply shipping labels
    • Ability to indicate the energy efficiency classes of your products
    • Ability to indicate the price per unit of measurement

And also...

  • The module accepts ISBN as GTIN code type in addition to EAN, JAN and UPC codes
  • Possibility to include specific terms for each language in product titles, in addition to the product name, or to use meta titles
  • Ability to specify which image associated with the product (or combination) to set as the cover image

Advanced custom labels management

For a perfect segmentation and advanced configuration of your Shopping campaigns, the PRO version allows you to dynamically apply advanced custom labels on your products (labels "new product", "best sales", "last product ordered", "product in promotion", and many more!). A must-have if you are working with a Google Ads (AdWords) / SEM agency.


  • Work in complete safety: In order to ensure the compatibility of the Google Merchant Center PRO (Google Shopping + Actions) module with the rest of your installed modules, we recommend to firstly install the module in a pre-production environment. Our Parachute service allows you to easily duplicate your shop on a test environment and secure your production releases, come and discover it!

  • Compliance with the GDPR: By installing this module, you'll be able to send a product reviews feed to Google in order to participate in the "Product Ratings" program. This involves sending Google personal information such as the first and last name of the reviewer. In addition, by activating the "Google Customer Reviews" feature on your site (to participate in Google's "Seller Ratings" and "Product Ratings" programs), you also agree to share your customers' e-mail addresses (those to which order confirmations are sent) with Google. Regarding this, we remind you that, as responsible for the use of personal data of your customers and visitors and in order to respect the new European General Data Protection Regulation, you must clearly inform your users of this, in an easily accessible documentation (e.g. your Terms and Conditions). You must provide them with the link that will direct them to Google’s personal data policy ( You also must inform them of their rights, in particular their right of opposition to the use of their personal data and the means to assert their rights.
    We decline all responsability in case of non-compliance with the above mentioned Regulation.

  • About Google Customer Reviews: In order to use the "Google Customer Reviews" feature of the module, you need to register for the "Customer Reviews" program of Google through your Google Merchant Center account (free service). We explain how to do this in an FAQ linked to the module. Please note that Google requires certain conditions before displaying your average seller rating and average product ratings in your ads. Please refer to the official Google documentation for information on the conditions for displaying seller and product ratings.


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