Advanced Shop for Fan Page

Enjoy a real-time display on Facebook of the products offered on your shop


Advanced Shop for Fan Page
Advanced Shop for Fan Page
Advanced Shop for Fan Page
Advanced Shop for Fan Page
Advanced Shop for Fan Page
Advanced Shop for Fan Page
Advanced Shop for Fan Page
Advanced Shop for Fan Page
Advanced Shop for Fan Page
Advanced Shop for Fan Page
Advanced Shop for Fan Page
Advanced Shop for Fan Page

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CompatibilityPrestashop v1.5.0.4 - v1.7
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PrestaShop Awards

Set up a "Shop" tab on your Facebook page and increase the number of visitors and potential buyers on your PrestaShop website. Boost your Facebook community.


Show your products directly in a custom tab on your Facebook page. Effective way to boost your sales, enjoy the power of your Facebook community to communicate about your shop and increase the number of visitors and orders on your PrestaShop store.




Leverage the power of your Facebook community to generate traffic and sales on your shop

Increase the number of visitors and potential buyers on your PrestaShop website and boost your Facebook community. It’s a real way to grow your sales: take advantage of your Facebook community to communicate and bring your audience to your shop.

This module is compatible with the multishop feature.
"Advanced Shop for Fan Page" is also compatible with most shared SSL certificates (certified to work with OVH shared SSL hosting).

The module also lets integrate statistics tracking via Google Analytics to measure its performance.

A live built-in preview of the module will help you set it up, and you can then easily link it to your Facebook page in a single click. "Advanced Shop for Fan Page" will help you improve your brand image and reach.

Increase the number of "likes" on your products and their visibility

For each product, a "Like" button is included, which will allow visitors to share and talk about your products. Clicks on"Like" buttons will have impact on your website’s SEO and its position in Google search results. We also offer you to go even further : use your Google Analytics code to get your statistics as to the effectiveness of your shop tab.


Your fans will enjoy consult your shop's products directly via your fan page! The access to your mini shop will be very easy to them from their Facebook account that they consult daily :) They will be very quickly informed of the products selection you will display on the homepage of your mini shop and will access in just one click to your online store. If you link this module with our Customer Ratings and Reviews Module, the page "All the reviews" will allow them to consult products ratings and reviews, which will reassure them.


Advanced configuration and personnalization options and a high end visual rendering
  • Available in 15 languages
  • Display your categories, brands, news, promotions and/or your bestsellers
  • "Advanced Shop for Fan Page" is also compatible with the Presta-Module's Advanced Top Menu and Ads & Slideshow modules. The last one allows you to add a professional slideshow to your Facebook shop tab homepage instead of the standard static JPEG image
  • Fully configurable, the "Advanced Shop for Fan Page" module includes a homepage tool similar to PrestaShop's "editorial" module, and has the ability to list products in row or grid view
  • Fully compatible with our Customer Ratings and Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets module in order to display products ratings in the form of yellow stars
  • Display of products and/or featured categories on the homepage
  • A search feature included
  • Configurable navigation menu adapted to small and large shops alike

Important note

- Be careful, if you want to create Facebook catalogs and tag your products on Instagram, you have to choose our "Dynamic Ads + Pixel" module. "Advanced Shop for Fan Page" doesn't have these features!

- So that real-time harmonization between Facebook and your online shop is possible, the module has to create a new custom "shop" tab, independant of the default "shop" tab already installed by Facebook in your page.

- Facebook app does not allow custom tabs insertion, like the one created by our module. Therefore, this latter can only be displayed on the Facebook web version.


The new Facebook authentication uses and requires the PHP CURL extension. Most web hosts support it, but if in doubt, contact your host before purchasing this module.

If you wish to have your shop tab work on Facebook secured mode (SSL), you will need an SSL certificate. Most large web hosts such as OVH can provide you with a free shared SSL certificate. Contact your web host for more information. "Advanced Shop for Fan Page" was successfully tested with a shared OVH SSL certificate with an address such as


Business Tech is specialized in the development and publishing of Facebook modules for PrestaShop. Visit our complete catalog : Facebook & Social Networks modules.


This module is developed by BusinessTech, certified PrestaShop developer, with over 8 years of experience working with Google and Facebook and 4 times winner of PrestaShop Awards. You are guaranteed to buy a robust, reliable and quality module.
Furthermore, at BusinessTech, we have a fast and efficient tech support : when you contact us, you are talking directly to the developers, so you are sure to be well informed !