What is Facebook’s main advantage over Google when it comes to ads ?

Published : 09/22/2016 13:37:05
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Whether we like it or not, Facebook has a huge database about our private lives. Our name, of course, but also our age, gender, geographical location, family status, interests, concerns, associations memberships, pages liked, and many other things… As a user, we can feel it’s intrusive… But as a merchant, it can be a great advantage!

Indeed, why not use these details to get high-quality new customers? If we can promote our products to those who have all the characteristics to be interested in our universe, without knowing us, then we can quickly increase our reputation and revenue !

For example :

Let us imagine we have a children’s toys online shop. It would be interesting to advertise to people who aren’t our customers but who match with the following criteria: 

  • Gender : women (because it’s usually mothers who are the appropriate target ;-))
  • Age : 25 - 35 years old
  • Interests : maternity, parenthood, children’s toys, education

Then it would be safe to target real potential customers and we would have every chance to transform !

Google has, of course, a custom audiences and remarketing platform. However, it’s only meant to target people who have already seen your website! You display ads to these people according to what they have already seen in your online shop or blog.

But Facebook’s power also allows you to acquire new customers that are similar to your existing customers, based on the information Facebook has on them, and comparing it with information they have on your existing customers.
Furthermore, Facebook campaigns’ cost is also typically lower than Google’s, giving you a much better Return On Investment.

Like Google ads, THE most efficient marketing strategy is dynamic remarketing. As a reminder:

Remarketing: (classical) remarketing allows you to deliver ads to people who have already visited your website or used your mobile application.
Dynamic remarketing: it’s an advanced remarketing. You can send to your customers and visitors an ad with the specific products or services they have seen on your website. Because the message is adapted to users, you can encourage them to return to your website to complete what they had begun.

So, doing dynamic remarketing on Facebook is vital because, as previously mentioned, in addition to retargeting existing customers with adapted products, you can also attract people who have never visited your website, but who are similar to your existing customers and who could be interested in your products. Indeed, Facebook compares the personal information of these potential future customers with information they have on your existing customers. And it pays off !

If you want to do dynamic remarketing, and take advantage of similar audiences’ power, you have to export your product feed to Facebook, install the conversion Facebook pixel on each of your website’s page and then, create your ads. Too complicated ? No !

At Business Tech, we have thought of you : we have created a module which installs the pixel and very easily exports your product catalog to Facebook, with all the information Facebook requires!! This is THE ONLY PrestaShop dynamic remarketing module for Facebook, and thanks to it, you will maximize your odds of increasing your customer base. You just need to create your ads through the “Promote a product catalog” objective of the Facebook ads manager.

For more information :

Facebook Product Ads + Facebook Pixel module

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