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A problem you can't understand ? A conflict with another module ? Let us run a diagnosis for you !


Diagnostic service for PrestaShop module

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Let our developers solve your problems so as to focus on what matters most: selling your products.

Sometimes, one of our modules may not work properly on your shop even though the module itself may not be at cause. The root cause can vary: conflict with a poorly coded third-party module, overrides on your shop, incorrect or problematic server configuration (Apache, PHP, MySQL)… Such is the world of open-source software !

Our diagnostic covers and handles the following points FOR OUR MODULES ONLY:

- Configuration of the Business Tech module you have purchased
- Configuration of your PrestaShop website
- Server configuration (PHP, Apache, MySQL)
- Check of other installed modules and your theme for any compatibility problems

Once the problem is identified, we then proceed to fix it for you if it is a quick intervention (less than 10 minutes).

The diagnostic service does NOT cover the following :

- Fixing the problem if it is not a simple intervention (recoding some of your overridden classes, PHP or Apache update at the server level) or any intervention that would take more than 10 minutes to perform. In that case, we will send you by e-mail the conclusions of our diagnostic, and it will be up to your webmaster, web agency, or web host to fix the problem, depending on the nature of the problem.

- Display problem due to an incompatibility with your theme. In that case, it will also be your webmaster or web agency’s responsibility to fix the issue.

To perform a diagnostic we will need you to send us the following information by e-mail (you can do so by simply replying to the order confirmation e-mail after purchasing the installation service) :

- Original PrestaShop Addons or Business Tech invoice for the module you purchased.

- URL, e-mail and password to log in to your PrestaShop back-office. The login must, at a minimum, give us access to modules, catalog and preferences (a more complete access will be requested by e-mail if needed)

- Host or IP address, login and password of your FTP server

- URL, login and password to your phpMyAdmin or whatever interface you use to manage your mySQL database

- In case of a Facebook module that requires an application on Facebook, we will also need your Facebook login and password, as well as the answer to your security question (Facebook will ask for this if it does not recognize the computer logging in or being from a different geographical location compared to your own)

- For the Google Merchant Center module, the e-mail and password to log in to your Google account, as well as the answer to the security question.