Google Analytics : Google Analytics 4 (GA4) tag

Install the Google Analytics 4 (GA4) tag and get more relevant data collection with Google's machine learning. Track your customers' activity in real time and anticipate their needs with Google Analytics 4!


Google Analytics : Google Analytics 4 (GA4) tag
Google Analytics : Google Analytics 4 (GA4) tag
Google Analytics : Google Analytics 4 (GA4) tag
Google Analytics : Google Analytics 4 (GA4) tag
Google Analytics : Google Analytics 4 (GA4) tag
Google Analytics : Google Analytics 4 (GA4) tag

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Our module installs on your store the Google Analytics 4 tracking tag which is based on the innovative Google machine learning technology. Thanks to this intelligent tag, you will be able to benefit from all the latest generation of Analytics reports that allow an in-depth understanding of your business, your customers' profile and their behavior towards your products. Track your customers' activity in real time, analyze current sales trends, anticipate their future actions, study your potential revenues according to different parameters, etc. Google's predictive metrics will help you improve your marketing decisions and optimize your budget for a better return on investment!

In addition to all the basic events automatically collected, the tag installed on your site by our module is configured to detect events recommended for e-commerce and more! Also enable GA4 enhanced measurements for even more collected data.

Take advantage of an ultra-simple, personalized and guided configuration

Simply enter your GA4 measurement ID and start collecting your first data!

Moreover, the flexibility of the module allows you to adapt the tag to your theme if it uses custom HTML elements for any event triggered by a click (select item from list, remove item from cart, log in etc...). You also benefit from advanced settings such as selecting order statuses associated with refunded or partially refunded orders, or customizing the conversion values sent to Google.

Finally, as always with the BusinessTech modules, each configuration step is explained and accompanied by detailed step-by-step documentation.

Consent mode and compliance with new regulations on the use of personal data

Unlike the previous generation of Analytics tag, the GA4 tag takes into account the new needs of merchants in terms of privacy protection. The consent mode of the tag allows you to collect information while respecting the preferences of your users regarding cookies, regardless of your cookie management module. Simply activate it through the dedicated tab of the module.

If you also use the "Advanced Cookie Banner" module of Presta-Module for your store, you can even take into account different levels of consent to cookies.


Automatic installation of the Google Analytics 4 tag

The module automatically installs the Google Analytics 4 tag as soon as you tell it the measurement ID of your GA4 property. The tag is configured to send, in addition to the default events, the essential "e-commerce" events (product view, add to cart, lead generation, purchase, refund,...), as well as other recommended events (login, account creation,...).

Customization of HTML elements related to events according to the theme

Our module adapts to your theme! If you are using a theme that modifies the default HTML elements related to click events such as selecting a product, adding payment information etc..., you have the possibility to indicate the custom elements of your theme to take into account instead of the default ones.

Customization of the conversion value

When the tag detects the placing of an order on your store, it sends the value of the conversion (the amount of the order) to Google Analytics. The module allows you to customize this value:

  • Possibility to include or not the taxes
  • Possibility to include or not the shipping fees
  • Possibility to include or not the wrapping fees

Advanced Settings
  • About category wording: possibility to choose between the name of the current category (short format) or the full breadcrumb (long format)
  • Possibility to indicate the status or statuses that correspond to refunded orders
  • Possibility to indicate the status or statuses that correspond to partially refunded orders

Consent mode

Our module supports the consent mode of the Google Analytics tag (beta version).

If you enable it, the Google Analytics tag will only use cookies if the user has previously accepted them. To do this, you only need to indicate the HTML element that corresponds to the cookie acceptance button of the corresponding module in your store. If cookies are rejected, the tag will only send non-identifying information.

For a customized configuration of the information sent through cookies depending on the level of consent of the user (use only statistical cookies or only marketing cookies), combine our Google Analytics module with the "Advanced Cookie Banner" module from Presta-Module.

If you have the "Advanced Cookie Banner" module or Axeptio's module, you won't need to configure any consent levels (consent levels automatically detected by our module).


  • Work in complete safety: In order to ensure the compatibility of the Google Analytics Pro module with the rest of your installed modules, we recommend to firstly install the module in a pre-production environment. Our Parachute service allows you to easily duplicate your shop on a test environment and secure your production releases, come and discover it!

  • Compliance with the GDPR: By installing this module you put code snippet (tag) into the pages of your website to track the activity of your users on your website. The collected pieces of information (such as product views and clicks, conversions, refunds, etc…) are then sent to Google in order to be processed. You can analyze them to understand how your visitors interact with your online store and set up strategies. Regarding this, we remind you that, as responsible for the use of personal data of your customers and visitors and in order to respect the new European General Data Protection Regulation, you must clearly inform your users of this, in an easily accessible documentation (e.g. your Terms and Conditions). You must provide them with the link that will direct them to Google’s personal data policy ( You also must inform them of their rights, in particular their right of opposition to the use of their personal data and the means to assert their rights.
    We decline all responsability in case of non-compliance with the above mentioned Regulation.


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