Newsletter & Marketing automation with Mailchimp

Find all the expertise of BusinessTech in this connector for Mailchimp. It will synchronize in real time contacts, products, carts, orders for the needs of your newsletters, product remarketing, abandoned cart reminders and other automations.


MailChimp E-Commerce Automation
MailChimp E-Commerce Automation
MailChimp E-Commerce Automation
MailChimp E-Commerce Automation
MailChimp E-Commerce Automation
MailChimp E-Commerce Automation
MailChimp E-Commerce Automation

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Rely on the experience of our team of independent experts who put all their skills in this module synchronizing in a simple and reliable way the data of your PrestaShop store to your Mailchimp account.
This professional module allows you to use in a very simple way all the essential features to set up your communication strategy.
Save time and focus on your core business by entrusting the customer actions follow-up, subscriptions, data collection,... to an intelligent and autonomous module.
Moreover, for any question, a team of experts will answer you within 24 working hours.

Note: BusinessTech is an independent editor and e-commerce expert for more than 10 years. Not related to Mailchimp (owned by The Rocket Science Group LLC), you will benefit from objective advice adapted to your situation and needs.


Our module automatically connects your PrestaShop to the Mailchimp service and allows you to take advantage of the totality of the e-commerce automations offered in the plateform, as well as to make product remarketing campaigns.

The Mailchimp automation campaigns allows, for example, to:

  • reduce the abandoned cart rate by inviting your customers to complete their purchase
  • retain your customers from their first order, by sending them relevant and targeted product recommendations, based on their own order history and on the history of your shop as a whole
  • show your customers how unique they are to you by offering them a discount code on their birthday for example
  • win back lapsed customers by sending them custom e-mails, reminding them of the many benefits to order from your shop
  • And many other things! To know all the automations offered by Mailchimp, please follow this link.

Your e-commerce e-mails will therefore be very highly targeted because they will be perfectly adapted to each customer.


Synchronize in real time all subscriptions to your newsletter, whether they come from a newsletter block subscription form, a customer account or from the "embedded forms" feature proposed by Mailchimp.

Set up the double opt-in for all your new subscribers to the newsletter: if they decide to check the newsletter subscription box, they will receive, in a second time, an e-mail asking them to confirm their opt-in. This allows you to explicitly obtain their consent to comply with one of the GDPR guidelines and to be ensured that you maintain a list of verified e-mail addresses.


If a customer decides to unsubscribe from your newsletter from his customer account, he will automatically be unsubscribed from your list on the Mailchimp platform. Similarly, if a customer unsubscribes through an e-mail sent from the Mailchimp platform, he will automatically be noted as unsubscribed in his customer account on your shop.


If you want to enrich your newsletter sign-up form or completely customize it, the forms proposed by Mailchimp are made for you!

In the module, you just have to enable the use of a sign-up form proposed by Mailchimp, copy and paste its HTML code and set the type of display (on a dedicated page, in a pop-up window, in an embedded block at the bottom of the page, in an embedded block at a custom location). A list of additional options will be displayed in the module depending on the selected display mode.

These forms offer many advantages! Among others, take advantage of:

  • the ability to add in your sign-up form as many fields as you want thanks to the Mailchimp's "Merge fields" feature. Collect all kinds of information (first name, last name, birthday date, address,...) that will allow you to segment your list very accurately and to target your campaigns recipients as much as possible.
  • the ability to add "GDPR fields" in your form and therefore segment your subscribers according to their marketing permissions
  • the ability to customize the size of your form, or the background color, text size, color, font,...
  • the ability to customize your form of pop-up type by including an image, a promotional text and by configuring its display :
    • choice of pages on which the pop-up window will appear
    • choice of the number of times the pop-up will be displayed (from 1 to 5 times or always)
    • choice to leave or not the possibility for the visitor to stop displaying the pop-up


Encourage customers who don't have visited your site for a long time to come back, or, reward your best customers by offering them a dedicated discount! These are only some using examples: our module allows you to create discount codes for every types of campaign!

Define the promotion rules for each type of campaign directly into the module and then insert the given link into the matching template. The module will then generate an unique code for each recipient.

This feature can, for example, allow you to automatically send a personalized discount voucher on your customers' birthdays!


Information on the language of customers or new subscribers is automatically retrieved by the module. You can therefore segment your list by language in your Mailchimp account and write different e-mail templates depending on the language of the recipients.

Similarly, if the customer belongs to a specific customer group, the module will detect it and send the information via the Mailchimp's API. This allows you to create different e-mail templates depending on the type of customers they are intended for.

Thanks to the extensive customer information synchronized by the module, you will be able to define as many scenarios as you want and immediately start a targeted and quality automated customer relationship.


  • Tool for excluding e-mail domain names, such as marketplaces for example (ex: *
  • Choice of the list to be used among those existing or creation of a list directly from the module

  • Export of all your current newsletter subscribers (if they subscribed via the PrestaShop native module), whether or not they already have a customer account
  • Synchronization of any new subscriber (via sign-up forms or customer account)
  • Synchronization of any unsubscription, whether it's done on the Mailchimp or PrestaShop side: a customer who unsubscribes through an e-mail sent from the Mailchimp service will be noted as unsubscribed from the newsletter in your PrestaShop as well. Similarly, a customer who unsubscribes via his customer account will also be automatically unsubscribed on the Mailchimp service side.
  • Recovery of new subscriber language information at the time of subscription
  • Ability to set up the "double opt-in": any new subscriber will receive an e-mail to confirm his subscription
  • Ability to use a newsletter block module (the PrestaShop native one or another) to register subscriptions on your site
  • Ability to integrate sign-up forms proposed by Mailchimp display on a dedicated page, in a pop-up window, in an embedded block. Each type of display offers a series of specific customization options. The generation of a shortcode will also allow you to position the form in particular locations on your site.
  • Ability to include "GDPR fields" in sign-up forms in order to explicitly obtain the consent of your new subscribers. You will then be able to segment the subscribers according to their marketing permission(s)

  • Ability to choose the language(s) in which the product data will be synchronized
  • Ability to choose the type of product description to synchronize
  • Ability to choose the size of the product images to be synchronized
  • Ability to choose between the brand or supplier for the vendor of the products
  • For each product, ability to synchronize either the parent category name or the complete breadcrumb trail
  • Export of your current customer database (last name, first name, e-mail, language, birthday, customer group, postal address,...) and then, synchronization of any customer addition or modification
  • Export of your current product catalog and then, synchronization of any changes or product addition, in all selected languages
  • If you want, export of orders already placed in your shop, over a certain period of time and corresponding to the chosen order statuses. Then, synchronization of any new order placed, regardless of its status.
  • Synchronization of any shopping cart created on your site

  • Ability to create personalized discount codes according to the e-mails campaign type (abandoned cart, best customers, birthday,...)
  • Generation of a unique promo code for each campaign recipient
  • Selection of categories on which the promo code is valid
  • Selection of a minimum purchase for the promo code to be valid
  • Selection of the validity period of the voucher
  • Possibility to highlight the promo code on the order summary page
  • Possibility to make the voucher cumulable or not with other vouchers
  • Possibility to make the voucher cumulable or not with catalogue price rules


E-commerce feature enabling will also allow you to choose between 3 synchronization modes for each type of data:

  • Data synchronization in real time
  • Data batch synchronization (limited to 500 items at a time)
  • Sending of several data batches, one after the other, thanks to a CRON task setting up (for very large volumes of data to be updated)

Moreover, for manual synchronizations and automated ones by CRON task, you can set by yourself the number of items to be sent per cycle in order to adapt the process to your server performances.

  • During a manual synchronization, you will be able to follow the evolution of the data processing in real time thanks to a control window
  • Thanks to a dashboard you will be able to check the synchronizations performed for a certain number of days (to be determined), whatever the synchronization mode used
  • A diagnostic tool will allow you to identify elements that have not been properly synchronized and to directly restart the synchronizations in error


Your customers will feel:

  • privileged thanks to personalized emails, in their own language and based on their own activity on your site
  • rewarded thanks to promotional codes specially created for them
  • considered with relevant product recommendations

The perfect combination for guaranteed loyalty!


Here is what our module does, contrary to the free one:

E-mail addresses synchronization

  • Complete synchronization of all customer data via the Mailchimp's API (customer group, gender, birthday date, order history, postal address, phone number, revenue,…)
  • E-mail domain name exclusion tool (for example: all e-mail addresses of customers who come from marketplaces)
  • Ability to create a new list on the Mailchimp platform, different than the ones in the account, directly from the module back-office
  • Ability to enable double opt-in for the list directly from the module back-office

Dashboard and advanced diagnostic tool

  • Ability to get the synchronization history, up to 3 months back, by data type
  • Ability to know the synchronization status of a specfic data, whatever its type (e-mail, cart, order, product, combination,…)

Newsletter subscriptions

  • Possible interconnection with any newsletter subscription module
  • Automated implementation of the "signup forms" feature of Mailchimp
  • Customization of the signup form directly from the module
  • GDPR compliance of the signup forms
  • First sync: possibility to synchronize all your newsletter current subscribers who are not yet customers (if they signed up through the PrestaShop native block)
  • Newsletter unsubscriptions and re-subscriptions from customer accounts are taken into account


  • Possibility to export product data in several languages
  • Possibility to export product category and brand names
  • Choice of the product description type to be exported
  • Possibility to sync the history of orders placed on your site over the period of your choice, allowing you to reach as many customers as possible as soon as the module is installed
  • Order status respected: if an order has been refunded or cancelled, the module takes this into account when calculating the revenue
  • Possibility to create, directly through the module, personalized and unique promo codes for each newsletter or automation recipient

And also...

  • 3 synchronization methods are available (Live, Batchs and CRON)


  • Important: The Mailchimp trademark is owned by The Rocket Science Group LLC, a company with which BusinessTech has no link.

  • Compatibility regardless of the price plan chosen on Mailchimp: The module works whatever the pricing plan you subscribe for the Mailchimp service, including the "Free" plan. To learn more about the different pricing plans proposed by Mailchimp and the features they allow, visit this page.

  • Work in complete safety: In order to ensure the compatibility of the Newsletter & Marketing automation with Mailchimp module with the rest of your installed modules, we recommend to firstly install the module in a pre-production environment. Our Parachute service allows you to easily duplicate your shop on a test environment and secure your production releases, come and discover it!

  • Compliance with the GDPR: By installing this module you will be able to synchronize all of your e-commerce data (including the list of your customers, their past orders etc ...) and the list of your subscribers to your newsletter with the interface of the Mailchimp service. This data will allow you to use all the services proposed by Mailchimp (including e-commerce automations and sending newsletters). Regarding this, we remind you that, as responsible for the use of personal data of your customers and visitors and in order to respect the new European General Data Protection Regulation, you must clearly inform your users of this, in an easily accessible documentation(e.g. your Terms and Conditions). You must provide them with the link that will direct them to the personal data policy of the Mailchimp service ( You also must inform them of their rights, in particular their right of opposition to the use of their personal data and the means to assert their rights.
    We decline all responsability in case of non-compliance with the above mentioned Regulation.