Microdata / Rich Snippets compliance service

Get your microdata / Rich Snippets fixed for quicker updates in Google Merchant Center


Microdata / Rich Snippets compliance service

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First of all, please note that this service is only available for merchants who use our 
Customer Ratings & Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets module.


Google Merchant Center / Google Shopping offers a "microdata" feature which allows Google to frequently update in real time the price and availability information of your products, even if these change several times per day.

See the Google official documentation about microdata

This is usually implemented via the "Rich Snippets" tags in your shop's theme (if its version is higher or equal to the 1.6 version).


  • The standard 1.6 theme generates errors due to an incorrect formating of the price
  • The non-standard themes don't always implement the code or can also generate errors
  • On 1.5 and previous versions, Rich Snippets are simply not implemented

By ordering this service, we will take care of it for you by fixing any problems and / or adding the necessary code. We will then send you a screenshot of Google's Rich Snippets test tool on your site, so you can verify that everything is indeed in order.