Google Customer Reviews

Give the floor to your customers by joining the Google ratings collection service and choose to display or not the reviews on your site.


Google Customer Reviews
Google Customer Reviews
Google Customer Reviews
Google Customer Reviews
Google Customer Reviews
Google Customer Reviews

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Google Customer Reviews
is a free program that lets you collect feedback from users who’ve made a purchase on your site and display it (or not) for your future customers.

By using this module in conjunction with our Google Merchant Center module, you will get the best possible results on the PrestaShop e-commerce Platform.


Reassure your customers and increase your conversion rate and sales on your PrestaShop website by joining the new customer feedback service by Google.

Enjoy the following advantages by joining the Google Customer Reviews program :

  • Freely collect necessary reviews about your shop
  • Acquire the possibility to display reviews about merchant on your Google AdWords advertisements
  • Show a badge on your website with the Google Customer Reviews logo and the rating resulted from reviews.

Brought to you by Business Tech, makers of the Google Merchant Center module, the "Google Customer Reviews" module allows you to join the Google customer feedback service :

Customers who’ve made a purchase on your site are presented with an option to opt-in to receive an email requesting feedback from Google about their experience with your store. If the customer opts-in, they may receive an email after their order has arrived. The collected ratings are then displayed on your optional Google Customer Reviews badge, appear in your Merchant Center dashboard, and are used for seller ratings.

Note : you can manage this service directly in your Google Merchant Center (Google Shopping) account.


Your customers will appreciate being able to give their feedback on your shop. If you activate the badge display, they will like to browse the other customers reviews, and will be satisfied with your transparency. This will increase their trust and their perception of your shop.


Important note : To use this service you must have an active Google Merchant Center (Google Shopping) account.

Smart configuration options

As always, Business Tech has tried to make the module configuration as easy as possible for you, while insuring the highest possible robustness and flexibility.

Regarding basic and order settings :

  • Ability to choose the order statuse(s) for which a participation request to the Google Customer Reviews program will appear to your customers
  • Ability to select the participation request pop-up location
  • Ability to choose the reviews badge location or decide not to display it

Regarding shipping settings configuration, in order to be as accurate as possible on the estimated delivery time (and therefore on the period before sending the reviews form by e-mail to your customers) :

  • Ability to set your estimated order processing time, with a "same-day order processing" if the order is received before a certain time
  • Ability to set no shipping days (week-ends and closed week days)
  • Ability to set the average transport time for each carrier

Perfect integration with our Google Merchant Center module

Of course, this module integrates perfectly with our Google Merchant Center module.


  • SSL certificate required: Google requires that you have an SSL certificate installed or available and https:// active on your PrestaShop website for login, checkout and order confirmation pages. Regarding the order confirmation page, this is not the standard default behavior in PrestaShop, even with SSL installed on your website. You will need to install a small override file which we have conveniently included in the module and documented for you, so you can satisfy this Google demand.

  • Work in complete safety: In order to ensure the compatibility of the Google Customer Reviews module with the rest of your installed modules, we recommend to firstly install the module in a pre-production environment. Our Parachute service allows you to easily duplicate your shop on a test environment and secure your production releases, come and discover it!

  • Compliance with the GDPR: By installing this module you allow Google to display a message to your customers offering them to participate in the “Google Customer Reviews” program. If your customers accept, they will receive an e-mail from Google allowing them to provide feedback on your service. This involves that Google retrieves some of their information, such as, for example, their e-mail address and country of delivery. We remind you that, as responsible for the use of personal data of your customers and visitors and in order to respect the new European General Data Protection Regulation, you must clearly inform your users of this, in an easily accessible documentation (e.g. your Terms and Conditions). You must provide them with the link that will direct them to Google’s personal data policy ( You also must inform them of their rights, in particular their right of opposition to the use of their personal data and the means to assert their rights.
    We decline all responsability in case of non-compliance with the above mentioned Regulation.


BusinessTech is specialized in the development and publishing of Google modules for PrestaShop. Visit our complete catalog : Google & Advertising


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