Customer Ratings and Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets

The most complete and powerful customer rating & review module + Google Rich Snippets functionality.


Customer Ratings & Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets
Customer Ratings & Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets
Customer Ratings & Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets
Customer Ratings & Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets
Customer Ratings & Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets
Customer Ratings & Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets
Customer Ratings & Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets
Customer Ratings & Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets
Customer Ratings & Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets
Customer Ratings & Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets
Customer Ratings & Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets
Customer Ratings & Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets
Customer Ratings & Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets

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Conversion rate increase guaranteed: The most complete and powerful product rating & review system, plus Google Rich Snippets functionality.

NEW: for shops whose head office is located in France, the module is now compliant with the decree No. 2017-1436 of 29 September 2017 on "information obligations relating to online consumer notices" and in effect from 1 January 2018. For more information on the decree, click here.


Get the best customer rating and review module for PrestaShop, and increase your conversion rate significantly! Moreover, with Google Rich Snippets, benefit from visually enhanced results on Google's search engine and increase your click rate, number of visitors and sales!

By combining this module with our "Wall Posts" module you can have any rating / review automatically posted on your Facebook page. The mechanism also integrates very well with the moderation tool, so that if moderation is enabled on the module, reviews will only be posted to Facebook once validated.

This module is also fully compatible and integrates with Presta-Module's "Advanced Pack 5" module.



The module includes a state-of-the-art rating and review system with great features and functionality:

  • Slick AJAX based interface
  • Enable numerical ratings only (without written reviews) or both
  • Reviews pagination options for both the front and back-office
  • Advanced rating and review moderation / modification tool(*): ability to require moderation/admin approval for written reviews to be posted, ability to edit written reviews to correct any typos or mistakes, or slightly adjust the verbiage, as well as the ability to delete a review altogether.
  • Ability to place a link, next to the list of your product reviews, to one of your CMS pages (*) detailing your review management policy (for example, the possibility or not to modify a review and the modalities of the modification).
  • Ability to add, just above the product reviews, a short text summarizing your use of the moderation tool (*)
  • manually add reviews from your back-office (**)
  • Review litigation management system: you can type a reply to a review which will be sent to the customer, and after reading it, the customer will have a one-time ability to modify his / her rating and review. Furthermore, your response can also be displayed below the customer's review so visitors can also read your response
  • Two authorization levels for reviews: any registered customer can post on any product, or only customers who have already purchased a specific product can rate it
  • Review summary block can be included on any of the 4 hooks available on the product page (extra right, extra left, product actions or product footer)
  • Detailed reviews are included in an extra product tab on the product page
  • Ability to include a "latest reviews" block in several of your website's "hooks" / locations, as well as a dedicated page with all reviews
  • 6 different preset styles for review icons (stars and thumbs up, each with 3 color sets) and you can add your own additional icon sets very easily
  • Ability to display the average rating of each product in the "list" pages (categories, brands, search results etc ...)

(*) For shops whose head office is located in France, following the application of Decree No. 2017-1436, the module no longer allows you to delete a review. However, you can moderate / modify it but in this case you must indicate it just above your list of reviews. You must also link to a CMS page dedicated to your reviews management policy.

(**) Feature NOT available for shops whose head office is located in France, according to the decree No. 2017-1436.


You have now the ability to import your product ratings and reviews from any product feedback plateform allowing an exportation in CSV format, as for example "Verified Reviews" or "TrustPilot". In this way, you can keep your ratings and reviews history!

Of course, if your reviews come from the "Product comments" PrestaShop native module, you can also import them very easily.

Our module allows you to export your ratings and reviews in a CSV file.


Google's Rich Snippets consists of additional HTML code added on your product pages, which is invisible to visitors. They allow you to turn your regular search engine results into visually enhanced, eye-catching results, at no additional cost.

Products benefiting from Rich Snippets will include additional product information such as category, price, and may also include other details such as brand and even a photo (which elements are included are up to Google though).

If any ratings and reviews have been posted for the product, your listing in Google search engine results will also include its rating, displayed in the form of stars. This greatly enhances your visibility and will result in a much higher click rate on your links, even if you are not in the top results.

  • Selection / priority order of meta-description, short description or long description for your Rich Snippets product description
  • Ability to include lowest price / highest price range in your Rich Snippets code for products with attribute combinations
  • Several options for unique product identifiers (brand, EAN / UPC and supplier reference)
  • Automatic inclusion of full product category via the PrestaShop breadcrumb
  • Selection of individual (last rating and review posted) or aggregate (average of all product ratings) for inclusion in the Rich Snippets code


So that your customers and visitors can easily see what is the average rating assigned to the products of one of your categories or brands we have included the possibility to display on these list pages a badge summarizing the average rating on these products.

  • You can receive an e-mail every time a new rating / review is posted
  • You can choose to send your customers an automatic e-mail reminder to invite them to rate the products they have purchased a few days after their order
  • Upon installation of the module, you can also import all your past orders and invite your customers to post reviews on these past orders, so as to quickly start populating your online shop with customer reviews.
  • New: you have now the ability to customize the footer of all the e-mails sent by the module


You can also configure vouchers with small amounts as an incentive to encourage your customers to review your products and then share these reviews on Facebook. The 2 voucher systems (for posting a review and then sharing on Facebook) are independant and you can configure either, both or none.

If you do so, customers will be informed of this fact both on your product pages above the form to post a review and via the reminder e-mails, further boosting the share of people who will review your products.


If you have already purchased our "Wall Posts" module you can have any rating / review automatically posted on your Facebook page.

The mechanism integrates nicely with the moderation feature, so that reviews will only be posted on your page once they have been approved from the moderation interface, if moderation has been activated.


BusinessTech and Presta-Module have once again worked together to bring you a real synergy: their "Advanced Pack 5" module perfectly integrates with our module. All products listed on one of the "pack" pages produced by their module will have the average star rating, as well as all the detailed reviews, for each product that makes up the pack.


According to an IFOP survey, 96% of Internet users are very sensitive to the online merchants e-reputation. 88% of Internet users consult the reviews before purchasing and 58% read its even without purchasing intention. Your customers will therefore be pleased to know the previous customers reviews.
In addition, this module allows you, if you wish, to offer them a voucher in exchange for a review or a sharing of their comment on their Facebook page. Customers are never against a discount, so they will surely purchase !



For stores whose head office is located in France (and ONLY for them), Decree No. 2017-1436 of 29 September 2017 on "information obligations relating to online consumer notices" requires certain constraints. We made all the necessary modifications so that the module is completely in conformity with this decree. However, it is your responsibility, thanks to the new functionalities of the module, to bring up to standard your online shop in using the text of the decree available by clicking here.


BusinessTech is specialized in the development and publishing of Google modules for PrestaShop. Visit our complete catalog : Google & advertising modules

This module is developed by BusinessTech, certified PrestaShop developer, with over 8 years of experience working with Google and Facebook and 4 times winner of PrestaShop Awards. You are guaranteed to buy a robust, reliable and quality module.
Furthermore, at BusinessTech, we have a fast and efficient tech support : when you contact us, you are talking directly to the developers, so you are sure to be well informed !



By (Cluj-Napoca, Romania) on27 Oct. 2017 (Customer Ratings and Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets) :

Good but not for Prestashop 1.7

I used this module (the old version) for Prestashop 1.48 and it worked great!
However, using this module for Prestashop 1.7 I can not post a comment using mobile phones with Android and Google Chrome.
I tried with 3 different phones (Sansung S6, A5 and Huawei P9) and all the fields in the popup (inclusiv buttons) are disabled.
Please check it out. Thank you.

 Report abuse
By (Lelystad, Netherlands) on21 Nov. 2016 (Customer Ratings and Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets) :


Works good. Only the rewards could be more clear for the customer.
When will they get it, how will they get it. What do they need to do. (wall post FB is not included, so how is "sharing" going te be helpfull and rewarded?)

 Report abuse
By (Torrox, Spain) on25 Aug. 2015 (Customer Ratings and Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets) :

Muy Bueno, excelente!!!

Modulo muy Bueno, excelente, muy completo, perfecto!!!

 Report abuse
By (Plovdiv, Bulgaria) on04 Apr. 2015 (Customer Ratings and Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets) :

Отличен модул

Много полезен модул точно това което търсех.

 Report abuse
By (Crevillente, Spain) on13 Oct. 2014 (Customer Ratings and Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets) :

Good as Always

Very useful and imprescindible!

 Report abuse
By (Cluj-Napoca, Romania) on08 Sept. 2014 (Customer Ratings and Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets) :

Works perfect

Easy to install, easy to set, a lot of options.
Just great!

 Report abuse
By (Solihull, United Kingdom) on22 Jan. 2014 (Customer Ratings and Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets) :

Great product

10/10 for the product 9/10 for ease of setting up. Just experienced one issue with setting it up. This was because by default the program is setup for US English and not GB English. Just changing the folder name from en to gb in the module folder solved the issue. Maybe worth adding this to your FAQ. Apart from that setting up was easy with the very helpful manual. The added extra of offering a voucher is a great incentive to my customers. Thanks very much businesstech.

Nick Rose
prestatshop user

 Report abuse
By (Galway, Ireland) on01 Oct. 2013 (Customer Ratings and Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets) :


Excellent module! Work perfect. Don't think twice before buying!!!

 Report abuse
By (Richfield, United States) on22 Aug. 2013 (Customer Ratings and Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets) :

Awesome product and even better tech support!

I've been using this amazing module for only a few months and have already accumulated over 100 reviews on my website at

After a hiccup with having outdated code, I got the updated version but found it wasn't working. I went to tech support for help and within a few hours, got a response from the CEO himself! He looked into my Prestashop setup and rightaway was able to tell me the source of the problem. And while he was at it, even gave me some free advice on some modules I should be using!

This is the best product of its kind out there. If you are looking for a review module, don't hesitate to get this. Not only will it instantly add credibility to your shop, but it'll help your SEO too!

 Report abuse
By (Goteborg, Sweden) on19 Apr. 2013 (Customer Ratings and Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets) :

This product rocks!!!

Easy to install and configure and also have a excellent tutorial. This module made it a lot easier to interact with our customers and also increased our sales a lot.

We had some small problems (due to our hosting) but these guys helped out all the way even though the problems was not caused by the module.

If your serious about E-commerce you should definitly consider this module.

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