Social Network Audiences

Export your customer data to CSV files, import them into Google Ads and Facebook Ads Manager. Target your customers and people with similar profiles on Google and Facebook. Segment your customer export and optimize your advertising performance.


Social Network Audiences
Social Network Audiences
Social Network Audiences
Social Network Audiences

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Our "Social Network Audiences" module allows you to maintain your relationship with your customers when they are no longer on your site, by displying them customized ads on Google and Meta's social networks (Facebook, Instagram, ...). How? Thanks to the export, according to different criteria, of your customer base in one or several CSV files, directly in the format required by Google or Facebook. Then you just have to import these files into your Google Ads and/or Facebook Ads Manager accounts. By matching their data with yours, Google and Facebook will automatically create a "Customer List" audience for your campaigns, made up of users who are also customers of yours.


The benefits of targeting by customer list on social networks and Google are numerous. Even when your customers are not on your site, you can communicate with them by sending them personalized messages to maintain their commitment to your brand and try to make them come back to your online store. These ads, dedicated to your customers, allow you to deepen the relationship you have with your customers, to keep them loyal by offering them products or offers that may interest them. As you reach existing customers, who already know your products, your advertising performance is improved.

Furthermore, exporting your customer lists to Google and Facebook allows you to re-engage your inactive customers. Indeed, you have the opportunity to arouse their interest again by displaying them, for example, tailored offers or products that you are sure they will interest them. These customers already know you, so your ads have every chance of converting them and therefore re-engaging them.

Finally, your "Customer List" audiences will also allow you to reach new users: from your customer audiences, Google and Facebook allow you to create other audiences, composed of users who are not yet customers of yours, but who have the same interests. They are therefore likely to be interested in your products. With targeted ads, you have the opportunity to convert them into new customers!


Our "Social Network Audiences" module automatically generates your CSV file of customer data, directly in the format expected by each social network. You can be sure to export a quality file since the module only integrates the relevant customer data required by the social network.


With the new and increasingly strict regulations on the use of cookies, creating audiences from customer files will allow you to continue to reach your most valuable users on Google and Facebook, without the need to exploit cookies. Internet users are more and more aware of the danger that reading their cookies can represent for their personal data and are installing blockers on their browsers that make it impossible to be tracked by tracking tags. It is therefore more than ever time to start developing strategies for creating advertising audiences that do not rely on cookies. This is what our module allows.


"Customer List" targeting respects the confidentiality of customer data. When imported into Google or Facebook, the data is hashed, i.e. encrypted by a highly secure process. Once the match with user accounts is established, and your audience created, Facebook and Google delete your customer information.




  • Selection of the ad platform on which you want to import your customer lists (Google Ads or Facebook Ads Manager)
  • Ability to segment your customer list thanks to filters:
    • Ability to export only active customers
    • Ability to export only customers who have signed up to receive partner offers
    • Ability to export only customers who belong to a given customer group
    • Ability to exclude one or more email domains (like marketplaces for example)
    • Ability to export only the most recent customers (who created their account after a certain date)


Access at any time through the module, or directly from the side menu of your back-office, to a table listing all customer exports, with, for each of them:

  • The destination ad platform
  • The list of applied filters
  • The export date
  • The possibility to download again the file
  • The possibility to delete the file


  • Work in complete safety: In order to ensure the compatibility of the Social Network Audiences module with the rest of your installed modules, we recommend to firstly install the module in a pre-production environment. Our Parachute service allows you to easily duplicate your shop on a test environment and secure your production releases, come and discover it!

  • Compliance with the GDPR: Our module allows you to export your customer data to social media like Google and Meta's corporate social networks (Facebook, Instagram, ...) to create custom audiences and targeted ad campaigns. Even if the data is encrypted (hashed) upon import into your account on the social network, we remind you that, as responsible for the use of your customers' personal data and to comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation, you must clearly inform your users of this, in an easily accessible documentation (e.g. your Terms and Conditions). You must provide them with the link that will direct them to each social media's personal data policy (for Google:, for Facebook (Meta): You also must inform them of their rights, in particular their right of opposition to the use of their personal data and the means to assert their rights.
    We decline all responsability in case of non-compliance with the above mentioned Regulation.