Why sell on the Buy on Google marketplace?

Published : 06/23/2021 16:22:31
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What is "Buy on Google"?

"Buy on Google" is a Google program that allows web users to buy products coming from different merchants without leaving the Google environment. In France, this marketplace is available from the "Shopping" tab of the search engine or through Google's Vocal Assistant. In the Unites States, it is accessible on all Google platforms.

How does it work?

The user adds, directly from the Google interface, products from different shops in a single shopping cart and then proceeds to checkout without being redirected to the merchant websites. If he has already ordered through the "Buy on Google" program, he no longer needs to recreate an account or re-enter his payment and delivery information, since everything has already been recorded by Google. The transaction is therefore instantaneous. This extremely simplified shopping experience is an advantage both for the user, who saves time, and for the merchant, who sees his sales increase.

As a merchant, what do I gain?

1/ You increase your sales

"Buy on Google" makes the buying process as simple as possible, particularly thanks to the universal shopping cart and instant payment. Moreover, conversion is also facilitated by the guarantee and security of purchase provided by Google and by the solid reputation of the world's number one search engine.

A multi-merchant shopping cart, reachable from several platforms:

Web users can add, in the same cart, a product of a site A from their mobile and a product of a site B by simple voice order to their connected TV. Then they validate the purchase of these different products, in a single operation, directly from the Google platform of their choice. They are never redirected to the merchant sites at any time.

An instant payment

When validating the order, they don't need to create an account or enter payment and delivery information for the umpteenth time, even if they have never placed an order with partner merchants. 

Indeed, all the information is saved by Google the first time the user buys through the program so that he or she doesn't have to worry about it afterwards. The payment of the multi-merchant order is therefore done instantly, as soon as the user wants to validate it.

A guaranteed customer service

To facilitate transactions, Google offers consumers 7 days a week customer service, easy returns and a money-back guarantee in case of delivery problems or non-compliance of the products received. Customers therefore feel reassured and proceed more easily to the purchase.

Thanks to the suppression of several steps in the buying process, and to the promised guarantee, Google removes the usual brakes present during the classic process of ordering on an e-commerce site. The "Buy on Google" program meets the demands of today's consumers for speed, simplicity and security, which promotes conversion. Your sales therefore increase mechanically.

2/ You develop your visibility

Selling on " Buy on Google " is a real springboard to get known. Your products will be visible at the top of the value chain, on the world's most popular search engine. In addition, since the program is still new, you will be among the first merchants to participate in the program. This low competition is a real asset for your visibility to Internet users.

Moreover, your products will not only be available for sale from a computer or a mobile, but also from any terminal compatible with the Google Voice Assistant, such as a television or a connected speaker. This multiplicity of purchase platforms will allow you to increase your visibility and reach new audiences. And it's not over yet! In the future, your products will be present on all Google platforms, as it is already the case in the United States.

3/ You spend less than to sell on Amazon

With "Buy on Google", the world's most famous search engine is directly attacking the leader of e-commerce in France, Amazon. And to win the battle, it is acting on two fronts: on the users' side, it offers an extremely simplified purchasing process. On the merchant side, Google is revolutionizing the relationship with e-retailers by eliminating subscriptions. Unlike Amazon, no matter how many items you show on "Buy on Google", you don't pay anything until you sell. No subscription, no fees based on the number of products presented. Google gets paid on sales and here again, the costs are less important than at Amazon.

With "Buy on Google", you have the opportunity to appear for free on the platforms of the main search engine in the world.

4/ You increase your loyalty rate

Product placement on "Buy on Google" is based on the user's purchase history, browsing history and, depending on their privacy preferences, their geolocation data. This means that the more a customer buys your products through the "Buy on Google" program, the more he will then see your products as a priority in his searches. Moreover, if in your business domain you are the only merchant in the area to participate in the program, then there too, the Internet user will see your products first. This automatically promotes customer loyalty.

Moreover, the fact that your products are on sale through a program launched by the undisputed giant of the web shows that your store is reliable and your customers will prefer to come back and order from you, rather than from another merchant not participating in the program.

How do I participate in the "Buy on Google" program?

If you are already exporting your product catalog to Google to advertise on Google Shopping, then all you need to do is sign up for the program through your Merchant Center account. If you have never advertised your products on Google before, you will need to export your catalog first, for example through our Google Merchant Center module or its Pro version.

Please note, however, that there are participation criteria and not all types of products are accepted for sale on the marketplace. Therefore, find out in advance about the participation criteria for the "Buy on Google" program.

Can I manage my orders directly from my store?

If you have a store using PrestaShop, then BusinessTech's subscription-based "Merchant Center with Actions" service allows you to automatically import all orders placed on "Buy on Google" into your PrestaShop back office. Thanks to the automatic synchronization of order status with the Google platform, you can treat these orders like any other order placed on your website.

In order to use this service, you must have a license of our Pro module for Google Merchant Center. 

What evolutions in the future?

In France, "Buy on Google" will soon be available on all Google platforms, as it is already the case in the United States. The program also plans to gradually open up to all of Europe. In terms of functionality, the program should allow "click and collect", which is not yet offered by its main competitor, Amazon.

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